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(Astronomy / Cosmology)

Astronomy / Cosmology
Earth / Weather
Cellular Life


Animated Galaxies
Universe Atlas  / Astronomical Sizes

Ringnebula in Lyra (M57)

You Are Here - The Milky Way

Solar Events  / SpaceWx  / Meteors

Astronomical Photos

First Black Hole Images! 4-2019

Type 1a Supernovae

Supernovae Video Lecture Series

Light Speed Is Constant

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Light Speed is a Constant

Time Is Variable

Variable Time gif

Time Varies with Relative Speed


Universe Evolution Gif

Video: CMB-LSS to Now

Time evolution of a 10-Mpc (comoving) region from z=1090 (CMB-LSS) to z=0 (the present); transitions between the dark matter density field, gas temperature (blue: cold, green: warm: white: hot), and gas metallicity.

Observational Cosmology

Tutorial: Cosmology

Tutorial: Inflation

NOTES: "A Universe From Nothing"

NOTES: "Timeline of The Universe"

NOTES: "The First Three Minutes"

NOTES: "Inflationary Universe"

NOTES: "CMB Calculations"

Particle Physics

Standard Model jpg

Particle Interaction Diagrams

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